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Home / FAQ / Voting
1) How does the voting work?
Each site in our directory has a vote icon next to it that when clicked on loads a page that enables visitors to rate the site from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest. Visitors can also see the current rating for a site which is the average rating given to the site from previous visitors.

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2) Can I put a voting form on my site?

If your site is listed in our directory, you may add code to your site that enables your visitors to rate your site from your site. Simply click on the voting icon next to your site and follow the instructions to copy and paste your unique voting code into your web page.

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3) Are the sites ranked by votes?
The sites are ranked by Top10Links editors based on a variety of criteria, including votes. For more details on the criteria that editors use to rank the sites, you may click here.

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4) How can I rank the sites by votes?
You can view the site rankings by votes in any category by clicking the "Rated Sites" link in the left column.

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5) How often can I vote?

You may vote for each site once every 24 hours.

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6) How often are the vote stats reset?
Vote statistics are reset every 30 days to give newly added sites the chance to rank high.

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7) How do you prevent cheating?
We use IP logging and cookies to help block more than one vote per site per 24 hours per computer/IP address.

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8) Why don't you rank the sites by votes?

The reason all top 10 lists are not displayed by votes by default is that often sites in a top 10 list have not yet been voted on or not by enough unique visitors.

If you want to view those sites in any category that have been voted on in the order of the average rating or number of votes, click on the "Rated Sites" link in the left hand column of any category.

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