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Home / FAQ / Troubleshooting
1) What kinds of bugs should be reported?
Through our feedback form, please report any errors resulting from a link at the domain having to do with:

- A link that has been relocated.
- A link that has disappeared.
- Permission denied error message.
- Errors in a sites title or URL.
- Errors in a category or sub-category title.
- Incorrect site classification.
- Search engine not working
- Pages taking too long to load.
- All spelling and/or grammatical errors

Please do not send us emails about errors that appear on third party web sites as we have no control over them.

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2) Where do I mail suggestions for categories?
If you would like to suggest one or more new categories, send them through our feedback form and we will make sure it gets routed to the correct channel editor.

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3) Where do I report dead or moved links?
We very much appreciate you taking the time to report a dead or moved link - either one of our own internal links or a link to a third party web site. Simply go to our feedback form and tell us what page the link in question is located on and what the actual link is.

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4) What do I do if I get 'File not found'?
If you get this or any other error message we very much appreciate it if you reported it to us through our online feedback form.

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5) How come some categories are empty?

It is possible that some categories have no sites in them - only more sub-categories. This is especially true near the top of the channels.

If you arrive at a category with no sites, then you will need to "drill down" deeper into the sub-categories on that page. Eventually you will get to a category with links in it.
If you find a page with no sites or sub-categories, please use our feedback form to send us the URL.

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