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Home / FAQ / Searching
1) How does your search box work?
To use our search box there are three actions you need to perform.

1) Select the source from the drop down menu.
2) Enter one or more keywords in the text box.
3) Click the "Search" button or your "Enter" key.

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2) What does each source search?

When you select one of the sources to search from the drop down menu you are directing your keyword search to specific sources. For example:


This will search for sites only in the Top10Links directory. If you are looking for only the top 10 sites in over 1000 general interest categories, try this first. Relevant categories are returned first, followed by site matches.


This is a "meta-search" meaning it will present search results gathered from many of the major search engines and organize the results onto one page for you. Great when looking for references to obscure subjects or names of companies or people.

Daily News

This will search the top news sites for breaking news stories. This is a great tool for searching multiple news sites for breaking stories on any subject.


This will search popular newsgroups for posts related to your keywords. This is a very useful if you want to find out what people are chatting about in regards to virtually any topic, company or person.

MP3 Files

This will search a few of the top MP3 search engines for files that you can download and play on your computer if you have the appropriate audio file player. Great for finding music and audio interviews you can listen to.


This will search a few of the top job listing sites for job openings that can help you find that perfect job. Great for finding out what job positions companies are looking to fill.


This will search a few of the top auction sites for ongoing auctions related to your keyword(s). One of our most popular searches for those looking to get a great deal on hard to find items.

Comparison Shopping

When you select any of the following options, top online retailers will be searched for products that match your keyword(s). Great resource for finding the lowest prices on products. Current searches include:


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3) Can I put your search box on my site?
Yes, we have a variety of search box options that you can copy and paste onto your site. Click here to learn more about them.

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