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Home / FAQ / Methodology
1) Who decides what sites get listed?
Additions and deletions of sites in the directory are determined by internal editors in charge of unique categories.

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2) How do you decide what sites get listed?
Our editors sort through numerous criteria when judging which sites should be included in any of our categories and how they should be ranked. Basically they try to list the top 10 sites that the majority of people would agree are the best sites. In addition to some minimum criteria, some other factors consider are listed below.

Quality Content - Up to date and in depth content that visitors interested in the site's topic would find valuable. Content that is not readily available elsewhere is preferred although content from outside sources can also be valuable if presented in a useful and organized way.

Fast Speed - Since the majority of Internet users are still connecting to the Internet at relatively slow speeds, sites should be designed to load fast. Overuse of graphics, page length, plug ins, banners and incompatible technologies should be avoided.

Consistent Style - A site's overall look and feel should not change much from page to page. In particular the overall style created through the use of backgrounds, borders, fonts, navigation bars, banner ads, formatting and logos should be consistent.

Ease of Navigation - Getting around a site should be intuitive and effortless. For example, one should always be able to get back to the home page from any page in a site. Navigational links should be in similar places on each page.

Artistic Design - The web's interface offers tremendous opportunity for graphic artists to offer appealing artistic imagery and sound. Ideally these features are integrated into the site without significantly slowing down or distracting the visitor.

E-commerce - For those sites that sell products or services, a interface that allows users to easily and safely browse, search and order online a wide variety of products or services. The best stores integrate useful and relevant consumer advice within their online storefronts.

Permanency - The length of time a site has been in existance is considered. We avoid sites that we think will be gone within a few months or have not taken the time & effort to get their own domain name.

Interaction - The more interaction a site offers the more users are encouraged to stay and explore a site. By adding chat rooms, discussion groups, search engines, auctions, polls, postcards, online games or contests, users often have a more rewarding experience.

Traffic - While not an indication of quality, sometimes we will take independent traffic figures into consideration. Usually only in cases where we have to choose between two sites that are equal in all other areas.

Revenue - In lists where revenue is reported by most of the sites, we may take this into consideration.

Employees - In lists where total employees are reported by most of the sites, we may take this into consideration.

Visitor Votes - In lists where the majority of sites have been voted on by unique users and a statistically relevant number of votes have been compiled, we take into consideration each site's average rating.

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3) Where do you gather links from?
Sites in our directory are compiled by editors from their own online research and submissions sent in from others.

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4) How often are categories updated?
While we add and delete individual sites in categories on a daily basis, all categories receive a major update four times a year.

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5) How come site X is not in your directory?
To make sure it is not listed, do a search for the sites URL by typing it into one of our sites search forms at the top of the page. For example any of the three will work.

If it is not listed, and you think it is one of the top sites in its category, please submit it to us if you are the site's webmaster or suggest to the site's webmaster to submit it to us.

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6) Why do some lists have less than 10 sites?

In keeping with the theme of the site, most of all top 10 lists have at least 10 sites in them. There are two reasons why a few lists may have fewer than 10 sites.

First, sometimes when a new list is created we cannot find 10 sites worth listing. If the sites we do find are of good enough quality and we think our visitors would have an interest in them, we may go ahead and post the list.

Second, sites in existing lists are deleted when they are no longer accessible. We try to replace them with others but when we cannot find any, the list may contain less than 10 sites.

If you come across a list with less than 10 sites in it and you know of one or more that should be added, please send us the information through our feedback form for a quick response.

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7) How are the rankings determined?
The editor of each list determines the rankings in a list by comparing how each site scores in each of the relevant areas as described above.

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