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Home / FAQ / Browsing
1) What is the best way to browse your site?
While our directory is searchable, one of the best ways to explore it is by browsing through the many top level categories. Browsing our directory by relevant categories insures that you are viewing all of the sites related to your interest.

Top10Links is organized into 14 main categories we call channels. These are accessible from our home page and on the left side of your screen on most other pages.

These 14 main channels are further broken down into over 1000 sub-categories.
Some of the sub-categories also list related sub-categories in italics with the @ symbol after them.

Some categories only have links to sub-categories and thus you must "drill down" a few sub-category levels in order to find the site(s) you are looking for.
The further you "drill down" into one of our channels the more refined the sub-categories become.

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2) Why do some lists have less than 10 sites?

In keeping with the theme of the site, over 99% of all our top 10 lists have at least 10 sites in them. There are two reasons why a few lists may have fewer than 10 sites.

First, sometimes when a new list is created we cannot find 10 sites worth listing. If the sites we do find are of good enough quality and we think our visitors would have an interest in them, we may go ahead and post the list.

Second, sites in existing lists are deleted when they are no longer accessible. We try to replace them with others but when we cannot find any, the list may contain less than 10 sites.

If you come across a list with less than 10 sites in it and you know of one or more that should be added, please send us the information through our feedback form so that we may consider adding it.

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3) What does the "@" sign in a category mean?
This symbol signifies a "related category". For example let's say there is a category called "e-commerce" belonging to the Internet channel. Since e-commerce is also related to business, it may appear as a "related category" in the business channel.

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4) How do you order the category listings?
Categories containing site listings are ranked from best to worst as judged by internal and volunteer editors. This is done through internal rankings that are updated frequently as new sites are added or old sites are updated or deleted.

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5) Why do some lists have more than 10 sites?

In keeping with the theme of the site, none of our categories show more than 10 sites on the first page. Occasionally, we create lists in which those sites ranked 11-20 or 20-30 really are great sites and thus we will list them on subsequent pages. All sites are always ranked from best to worst so no matter how many sites are in any one category, you can be assured that the top 10 will always be on the first page.

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