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Home / FAQ / Basic Submit
1) What is Basic Submit?

Basic Submit is our free web site submission service. In exchange for a return link, Top10Links gaurantees an editor will visit your site within 90 days so that they can consider adding it to our main directory and add a link to your site on our partner page.

For those that can't or do not want to create a link to Top10Links or would like to get their web site reviewed in an expidited manner we offer a Express Submit service.

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2) How do I get a site added?
First make sure that the site you want to add is not already listed. To find out if your site is already added, visit the following URL:

If it is not already listed and you would like to submit it to us for consideration, you can get current submission instructions here. Submissions sent in by any other means, including our feedback form, will be ignored.

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3) Are there sites you will not list?
Yes, we do have some submission guidelines that contain a list of minimum criteria in order to be considered for a listing. You can view the criteria at the following URL:

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4) How long does it take to get listed?
Sites submitted through our free Basic Submit service will be considered for addition within 90 days. If a site you submitted has not been listed within 90 days, you can assume we decided against listing it for the time being. If you would like faster service, please consider our Express Submit service.

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5) Why was my site not listed?

If 90 days have past since submitting your site and it is still not listed in our main directory, an editor most likely visited your site but was unable to add it to our directory for one or more reasons.

One of the most common reasons for a site not being added is it did not meet one or more of our minimum criteria. If it does meet all our minimum criteria, it is possible it did not compare favorably to the other sites in its relevant category.

Finally, it is possible it met our minimum criteria but we do not yet have an appropriate category to list it in. If this is the case, then your site will be kept on file and if/when we create a relevant category it will be automatically re-considered.

If you linked to our site in order to be considered, you may remove our link after being accepted or if after 90 days your site has not been listed.

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6) Will you notify me once my site is listed?
We do not notify submitters of whether or not their site was added so your best bet is to periodically check the category most appropriate for your site or periodically perform an advanced search for your domain name. We request your email address when you submit a site so that we may contact you if we have any questions.

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7) May I submit more than one page of my site?
No, submit only your main URL. When an editor visits your site they will explore all areas of your site. If they decide to add your site to our directory, they will choose the most appropriate page to list - normally your main page.

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8) Can I get my site added to multiple categories?
With very few exceptions, all sites are listed in only one category. Should one of our editors decide to add your site, it will be placed in the most appropriate category.

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9) How come my site is no longer listed?
This usually happens due to one of two reasons. Either your site was reported and confirmed as a bad / dead link or the category editor updated the category and determined your site no longer meets one of our minimum criteria. You are welcome to submit your site again at anytime.

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10) How can I edit my site's listing?
If you wish to request a change to your site's URL or title in our directory, you may submit the change request in our account center. If you have not already created a free account, you may do so by clicking here.

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11) Can I use automated submission software?
No, submitting a site by automated submission services or software is prohibited and a violation of our terms of service. Please submit only one page for any one domain according to the instruction on our submit page.

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12) Do I have to link to your site to be considered?
While we do ask that you create a link to our site, it is not required in order for one of our reviewers to visit your site and consider it for addition into our directory.

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