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Home / FAQ / Accessing
1) What is your official web address?

Although the Top10Links web site is accessible from a variety of related domain names, the official address is:

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2) How do I navigate around the site?
The best place to start is at our home page. From there you can either browse the categories by selecting any of the 14 top level channels or search the entire directory by entering one or more keywords.

You can move between channels by clicking on one of the hyperlinks on the left hand side of the page.

If at anytime you want to return to our home page simply click on the "Home" link at the top or bottom of every page.

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3) How do I bookmark your site?

Internet Explorer:

1) Go to
2) From the Favorites menu, select Add to Favorites
3) Select the OK button

Netscape Navigator:

1) Go to
2) Select Bookmarks in the Location toolbar
3) Select Add Bookmarks

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4) How do I make your site my homepage?

First, find out which browser version you're using. You can do this by clicking your browser's Help menu, and selecting the "About" option. Once you know your browser's version, follow the steps below for your browser.

Once setup, Top10Links homepage will automatically appear each time you open your browser. You will also be able to return to Top10Links by simply clicking the "Home" button on your browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

click here, then click your browser's "home" button to see if it worked. If not, follow the instructions below for your browser version.

Version 4.x and above:

1) Go to
2) Click your browser's View menu
3) Select Internet Options
4) Click the General tab
5) In the Home Page section, click Use Current
6) Click OK

Version 3.x and below:

1) Go to
2) Click your browser's View menu
3) Choose Options
4) Click the Navigation tab
5) Click Use Current and click OK

Netscape Navigator:

Version 4.x and above:

1) Click on the Edit menu
2) Choose Preferences
3) Under Category, click Navigator
4) In the Location box enter:
5) Click OK

Version 3.x and below:

1) Click on the Options menu
2) Choose General Preferences
3) Select the Appearance tab
4) In the Startup section, click Home Page Location
5) Enter in the text field
6) Click OK

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5) How do I make a Windows shortcut to your site?
There are two ways to create an shortcut icon on your Windows desktop. Either way will create a desktop icon that when clicked on will launch your browser and take you to our homepage.

1) Select this Top10Links link and drag it to your Windows desktop.

2) Go to Top10Links home page. Right click your mouse in the browser window and choose "create shortcut" from the menu. Then click OK.

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