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Any site submitted to or listed in Top10Links that does not meet the following minimum criteria will be declined or deleted.

Domain & URL

- Must be official if a company.
- Must be visible in browser.
- Must be the domains main page.
- Must not contain a sub-domain other than www.
- Must not be an interior section of site.
- Only one URL per site will be considered.
- Must not redirect to another page/site.
- Must not be a mirror of another site.
- Must not be an affiliate link.
- Must not redirect to an affiliate link.
- Must not be a SEO mirror domain.

Site Content

- Must be in English language.
- Must be of use to US audience.
- Must be mostly original content.
- Must not contain mostly affiliate links.
- Must not contain pornography.
- Must not sell adult related products.
- Must not be "Under Construction".
- Must not be temporary.
- Must not violate any applicable laws.
- Must not show graphic violence.
- Must not infringe on someone's rights.
- Must not violate someone's rights.
- Must not promote illegal activities.
- Must not disseminate illegal activities.
- Must not contain inflammatory content.
- Must not contain offensive content.
- Must not automatically install any software.


- Must be up 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
- Must support multiple browsers.
- Must load pages in reasonable time.
- Must not disable browsers "Back" button.
- Must not launch pop ups on entrance or exit.
- Links must work and lead to relevant content.

The above criteria are minimum requirements and Top10Links may consider other criteria before accepting or rejecting a site. Our editors routinely check all web sites in our directory to ensure that they continue to adhere to our guidelines. Any site that violates our standards will be removed from the directory without notice. For information on submitting your site to Top10Links, please click here.

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